General Information

The Algarve is the southernmost of the seven regions of continental Portugal and is considered the most important Portuguese tourist region.

The Algarve is bounded in the north by the Alentejo region, in the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and in the east the Rio Guadiana forms the border with Spain. In terms of nature, the Algarve is divided into three areas from north to south: Serra, Barrocal and Litoral. The coastal strip "Litoral" forms the tourist center of the Algarve.

The Algarve coast is famous for its numerous fine sandy beaches and the sometimes bizarre and monumental rock formations in the western part. Due to the numerous golf courses, some of which are located directly on the cliffs or near the beach, the region is especially popular with golfers.


The Algarve as a whole is one of the warmest places of Southern Europe, with an Atlantic influenced Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry; even in winter the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius. It is overall the sunniest region in Europe.

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